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Designed for YOU – the Creative Entrepreneur! 
Level up your Design, Branding, and Marketing Skills
with a design pro with 30+ years of experience. 

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Multi Color Minds is a membership for Creative Entrepreneurs who do "all the things." Those who want to learn more about how design can help their brands succeed. You'll learn from a design expert in a community of diverse creatives.

I'll deliver lessons each week to develop your design, branding, and marketing skills. You'll learn how to connect all of the pieces for better success. We'll meet via Zoom monthly for a live event – Office Hours, Expert Guests, Workshops, and more. Don't forget Feedback Friday every quarter, where I give you valuable feedback to improve your creative work.

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Does this sound familiar?

You have a vision in your head, but don't know how to create it in Adobe Illustrator.

You want to create a brand, but struggle with fonts, colors, and designing a logo.

You want to connect your of love design, art, photography, but don't know how.

Hola! I'm Xhico, Design Professional & Educator

Are you ready to join me and level up your design skills? I'm ready to share with you my knowledge from 30+ years of experience in the design industry. I'll help you build the foundation you need to be a successful designer.

Learn the Skills and Mindset to Boost Your Creative Confidence

You see, design isn't just making things look beautiful. It is so much more. Design is developing systems, communicating ideas, and solving problems. Good design will transform your business into a brand.

Learn to think like a designer, explore your creativity, and connect all of your talents with a design professional's help on your journey to success.

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Weekly Lessons & Monthly Lives

Weekly Lessons

Take your design skills to the next level with lessons from a pro.

Monthly LIVES

Zoom Live for Q&As, Guest Experts, or Feedback Friday.

Feedback Week

I'll review work & give actionable feedback each quarter.

You're not the only one trying to figure it all out!

Life as a Creative Entrepreneur is a lot of work. There are so many dots to connect. I'll help you connect your creativity and have a better understanding of how it all comes together. Don't be left alone!

Just Your Type

You'll master Adobe's type tool and be pairing fonts & kerning in no time. Don't worry, I'll teach you all about kerning!

Color Control

Make bold statements & set the mood when you have control of color. I'll teach you my secrets to striking color.

Biz to Brand

Transform your business into a brand. Understand your ideal client and build a brand they love and support.

Illustrator 101

Don't struggle with Adobe Illustrator. Learn the ins-and-outs. Let me help you master it, so you can master design.

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"Xhico has an ability to break down complicated concepts, making them easy to understand. He is great at explaining the why and the how reinforcing learning. His caring nature and hilarious sense of humor create a fun and inclusive environment conducive to creativity and learning."

April W.
Creative Entrepreneur

What's Included?

We'll focus on leveling up your design skills and helping you build a better brand with weekly lessons on design, branding, marketing, mindset, and everything in between. 
Each month we'll go LIVE for one event. It may be Office Hours to answer your questions or a lesson from an Expert Guest – OR it might be our quarterly Feedback Friday during Feedback Week where members see tremendous growth.
Membership will include:
  • Weekly Lesson x 1
  • Monthly LIVE x 1
  • Quarterly Feedback Friday & Feedback Week
  • Resource Lists of Contests, Vendors, & More
  • Private Community - Share & help each other grow
  • Much more as we grow!
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BETA2 MEMBERS are YOU who believe in ME and this idea of building an inclusive place for creative entrepreneurs to learn about design, marketing, and connecting all the creative dots.
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I'll take your feedback and suggestions to develop the critical curriculum you need right now.

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Terry W.

"I joined your membership. Couple of reasons why, when I swore I wouldn’t join anything new. One, cuz it’s you and I really love what you do and know. Two, the price was doable for me...This is going to be fun!"

De-Anne S.

"Easy, fun and packed with practical info! Generous with info & time."

Sandhya D.

"Very kind, patient & understands how to help beginners like me."

Tara B.

"Xhico has profound talent backed up by decades of experience & knowledge."

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Carol W.

"I've joined as a Founding Member and you can too! My decision to join was based on the clear, direct and timely responses that Xhico gave to questions I posed to him. I look forward to learning more!"

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Join now, and you'll be one of the Beta2 Members! You'll give me a boost in building this platform to help you succeed in design, branding, and marketing. You'll have access to content and monthly lives as I develop the membership over the next few months.

"Your knowledge about logos and typography is incredible. I've worked with other designers that didn't mention 1/3 of what you did in a 20 minute session. You really have a knack (and a gift) for what you do, and it's obvious you love helping others make brands the best they can be."

Laura A.

What topics will you cover?

Lessons focus on:
  • Design & Branding
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Typography Skills
  • Color Theory & Practice
  • Surface Pattern Design
  • Business of Design
  • Digital Drawing
  • Photography
  • Creative Lifestyle
  • Social Media
  • Digital Organization
  • Goals & Planning
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